Cashing In on the Cable Clear Out 

As we begin to wind down for the holiday season and close our trading book for the year, our final trade of the year was Pin Bar Reversal Play, we had discussed on the FXCS Trading Floor the potential for buyers remorse to set in post the UK election, in a classic buy the rumour sell the fact set up, with post election euphoria likely to sour, as smart money that had been long GBPUSD selling to ‘dumb money’ into the post election pop. 

However, we patiently waited for a set up from one of our 10 Advanced Trading Strategies to develop and on Monday we got our confirmation for the Pin Bar Reversal strategy. We entered our trade as per the rules of the strategy.

The position quickly moved in our favour and we were able to get the position to risk free, prices continued to decline and we eventually cashed out the position for a 199pip gain, which represented a risk reward ratio of 1:2. Our proprietary PBTrader indicator automatically plots our trade levels, entry, stops and take profit levels, allowing us to employ a set and forget approach to the trade, meaning we don’t need to be glued to our screens, sweating every up and down tick, we follow our strategy rules and let the market take care of the rest of it.

2019 In The Books

So with the Cable cash in the bank we closed our client trading book (a multi million dollar portfolio) with a very healthy 57.53% risk adjusted return on the year, these returns were achieved using a combination of our 10 Advanced Strategies risking a max 0.7% per trade.

Make the Move

If you are interested in making the move from playing in the markets to becoming a professional market operator, give yourself the best shot in 2020 and join our TradePro Programme, we believe so strongly in the quality of our education and support, that will offer students a fully funded $10,000 risk free account once they have demonstrated the requisite commitment, skills and knowledge to make it in the markets. You will have the potential to grow that account to a seven figure account as you meet certain performance metrics.

You will have access to our Head Trader Patrick Munnelly, a professional money manager, mentor & market commentator (currently a resident market expert of via the FXCS trading floor, our team chat will introduce you to like minded individuals in a supportive community of traders aligned behind the goal of trading excellence, you will have access to institutional trading desk research and market analysis. Charts and set ups are shared in real time for group review and analysis. This collaborative environment will put you on the best footing for your future success, make 2020 the year you start to make it as a savvy market operator!

Giving Back

As we start the new year FXCareerSwap are proud to announce that our Head Trader Patrick will be trading an account for charity, In January we will be providing a real time tracking link where you will be able to witness first hand how a 10K account is professionally developed, with all profits being dispersed to homeless & mental health support groups! 

This is further testament to FXCareerSwap unwavering mission to demonstrate a different approach to market success than the many get rich quick gurus out there, posing with pictures of rented cars. We believe in excellence in all aspects of our business and we believe in helping those who are struggling to help themselves. So take some time away from the screens this holiday season cherish time with friends and loved ones and join us in January for exciting start to the new decade!!