First of all, what does success mean to you?

Disposable income?

The ability to travel around the world when you like?

Being able to choose your own hours and be your own boss?

A pool by your villa in Spain?

Avocado toast every morning in the sunshine?

(I’m just listing my own dreams now, I’ll stop)

But getting there might seem like you have to sacrifice a lot to begin with, right?

Doctors, lawyers, footballers and many other high performing professions all have the added sacrifice those people took in order to become the best in their fields. Whether that’s training every day for years with a hugely strict diet and an incredible amount of mental focus or that’s years of studying and mountains of educational debt in order to get to the summit of success.

All these people have that sacrifice in common, but what if you did not have to give up quite as much and still have all the benefits of having a successful career? Forex Trading can offer you what you are looking for in order to have a successful and prosperous career, without as much of the sacrifice needed.

What makes learning Forex Trading different?

Learning Forex Trading does not have just the one recognised course or strategy you need in order to say you are qualified, there are countless strategies and methods used that you can learn in order to make money successfully and consistently. This means that you are free to choose one or more styles of trading that best suit the way you like to work, there is something for everyone.

You don’t need a huge sum of money to learn either, what might cost you £27k and 3 years of uni (at a minimum), can only be a single year of learning and much much less investment and after all this you have more immediate returns than a lot of other professions.

And lastly, the barriers to entry are fairly low, as long as you are committed to learning you can find a course online that best suits you without needing to have any previous experience or qualifications.

What other benefits does a career in Forex Trading provide?

  • All your earnings are tax free, that’s right, you can earn as much as you want through spread betting without paying any tax
  • Funded trading accounts are often offered as a way to trade without risking your own capital, imagine being able to start straight away with £10k and have this increase as your trading improves
  • The Forex markets are open 24/7, giving you the freedom of choice to work whenever you want
  • You will have more free time, Forex Trading does not give you the deadlines, fixed schedule and piles of work a normal day job would which means more time for your family, children or whatever else you want to do
  • As long as you have a stable internet connection you can work from anywhere in the world

Time to to get realistic, quitting your day job in order to pursue a career in forex trading is going to be life-changing. Your emotions will be tested, your mindset will have to change and most importantly, your lifestyle will improve completely as long you remain committed.

Just like any career there will be ups and downs but remember to stay positive and remind yourself why you do this and what the many benefits are that made you become a Forex Trader to begin with.

Are you ready to take that stride into the unknown in order to fulfil your dreams?