Trade Pro $50,000 Funded Account

$12,500 Evaluation Account | FX Career Swap | Portfolio Manager Development Plan

Your evaluation account is $12,500. Once you have successfully reached the evaluation target 6% profit without a 4% drawdown and met all of the Evaluation Rules criteria, you will be awarded 400% more capital from your initial evaluation balance to $50,000, from here we double your balance for every 10% until you reach $2,000,000


Profit split


During the Evaluation Account phase profit share is (FXCS) 60/40 ( trader). After completion of the Evaluation Phase the profit split is 50/50

Compounded Profits: that we pay out compounded profits. So any profits you make is paid to you without affecting your account growth.


Profit Payment:


  1. During the Evaluation Phase, the profits are paid at the end of the evaluation

regardless of whether you pass or not as long as you end up with a positive balance.

  1. During the Portfolio Manager Phase, the profits are paid at the end of the calendar month (as long as you are in profit).


Evaluation Time Limit


We don’t force you to over trade with tight time limits for your evaluation. We give you the most flexible time limit with up to 1 year to pass the evaluation. Whether you pass the evaluation requirements within 3 or 8 months, we will upgrade you to the fully funded trading account immediately.


This time limit rule applies to the evaluation phase only. After passing the evaluation, there will be no time limits for the Portfolio Manager to complete targets.


30 Minimum Trading Days


To meet this requirement, the trader needs to have traded actively for at least 30 trading days.

Definition: A trading day is defined by the day the trader opens a trade. For example, if a trader opens a trade on Monday, and closes the same trade on Tuesday, this counts as 1 trading day.

This rule applies to the evaluation phase only.

During the Portfolio Manager phase, you will not have any minimum active trading days requirement.


45 Minimum Trades


In order for us to properly assess your trading skills, we ask you to complete at least 45 trades to meet this requirement.

Opening multiple positions on the same currency pair at an overlapping time is considered 1 trade. For example, opening 2 (or more) positions on EURUSD at the same time is considered 1 trade until both positions are completely closed.

This rule applies to the evaluation phase only.

During the Portfolio Manager phase, you will have only a minimum of 4 active trades per month.


Max relative Drawdown $


Definition: The max relative drawdown is the maximum difference from the highest account balance $ to the lowest equity $ (unrealised value).

The losses should never exceed the value of the maximum relative drawdown $ specified at the start of each evaluation and portfolio manager phase.

This rule applies to the evaluation phase and all of the funded trader program phases.


1.5% Max Risk Per Trade


You must take into consideration that every market order, pending order, or stop order has a stop loss of a max of 1.5% risk of the account balance.

If you open multiple positions on the same currency pair, the multiple positions’ combined risk can be up to 1.5% of the account balance and are considered 1 trade. If you are hedging, then the risk on all the open positions must not exceed 1.5% per trade. However, If you open 2 trades on two different forex pairs, then you can risk 1.5% of the account balance on each trade.

This rule applies to the evaluation phase and all of the funded trader program phases.


Hedging & Holding Allowed


Hedging is allowed.

Holding trades overnight is allowed.

Holding trades over the weekends is allowed.

These rules apply to the evaluation phase and all of the funded trader program phases.


Max Risk Exposure Is 5 To 1 (Lot Sizes)


Definition: The Maximum Exposure is the maximum lot size you can open at the same time while trading. (Please look at the table above to check the maximum lot size allowed for each phase).

Moving stop loss to breakeven will allow you to open more lots.

For example, if you have 3 open trades [1 lot + 1 lot + 1.5 lots], then moving the stop loss to breakeven (of the 1.5 lots trade) will allow for a new 1.5 lots to risk on more trades, and so on.

This rule applies to the evaluation phase and all of the funded trader program phases.


28 Tradable Currency Pairs

You can trade all the combinations of the 28 forex currency pairs. This includes the following:





Are My Profits That Are Paid Taken Off The Account Balance?

No, We pay you the equivalent of 50% of the profits made post evaluation phase. Your account is left intact, allowing your profit to compound


Do I Have To Trade For The Full Evaluation Period?

No. The evaluation period is up to 1 year. If you complete all the requirements before the 1 year period, then you will be upgraded to the Portfolio Manager fully funded account immediately.


What If I Hit The Evaluation Target Early With Fewer Trades And Less Time?

You’d be doing a good job! In this situation, carry on trading the same way until you meet all the other time and trade requirements. We use the trade quantity and time

requirements to show us that you will be a responsible trader and trust to allocate and trade our capital.


Am I Allowed To Risk More Than The Max Lot Exposure?

Yes, you can under 1 condition, To move your stop loss to breakeven


What Trading Platform Does FXCS Use For Its Funded Accounts? & Can I Use MT4 On My Mobile Device?

You will be using MetaTrader 4 (commonly known as MT4); the top choice for most FX traders as we want to accommodate all traders.

Yes; MT4 can be downloaded via the google play store, or the Apple app store. Please get in touch if you are having issues downloading MT4 on your mobile device!


Does The Minimum Number Of Trades And Active Trading Days Stay The Same When I Become A FXCS Portfolio Manager?

No. The minimum number of active trading days and the minimum number of total trades are only for the evaluation period. After passing the evaluation, there will be only 1 requirement, which is a minimum of 4 trades per month. We do this to ensure we don’t freeze our capital with inactive traders