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Frequently Asked Questions

"Why should I learn with you over a different provider?"

Unlike other providers we genuinely go above and beyond. As a company we provide the full 360 package including modules, webinars, videos, certificates, discussions and most importantly the guaranteed job interviews.

"I haven't got money at the moment?"

We offer a 0% APR deal over 12 months. We just need a £100 deposit then 11 monthly instalments of £41.58 which brings the cost down to approx £49.92 per month. Lower than most phone contracts!

"Do FX Careerswap provide trading signals?"

No, instead of copying trades from other traders we want you to learn yourself and make your own profit from your hard work.

Can I talk to senior traders? Or is this just a training course?

Yes, twice per week you have the opportunity to ask senior brokers any questions you may have about the course or industry in general.

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